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I write fiction for young people of all ages, from Picture Books to Young Adult.

I am represented by Sera Rivers at Speilburg Literary Management.

My picture books Mending the Moon and Saving the Sun are out now, published by Page Street Kids and illustrated by Sara Ugolotti, available from all book retailers.



Mending the Moon
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Mending the Moon

Illustrated by Sara Ugolotti (Page Street Kids, 2022)

One fateful night, the moon shines so big and so bright that it is too heavy to hold itself up in the sky. When it tumbles down and breaks into many glimmering pieces, Luna and Poppa must mend it, but they'll need the help of all the animals that live on the mountain. Together, can they find all the shards, stick them together, and get the moon safely back into the sky?

In this enchanting tale with a timeless, folklore feel, a girl, her grandfather, and all the mountain creatures hold the power to set the world right and forever leave their mark on the moon.

Publication date: 1 Nov 2022 (US), 5 Dec (UK), 31 Jan 2023 (Aus/NZ)

If you live in NZ,
$35 incl. postage!
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Saving the Sun

Illustrated by Sara Ugolotti (Page Street Kids)

19 September 2023

After an especially sweltering day, the ocean sparkles and twinkles so invitingly that instead of slipping beneath the horizon, the sun plunges into the ocean itself.

When the sun sinks and loses its fire, Luna and Poppa's yearly vacation on Summer Island suddenly goes dark. Luna knows the sun needs their help–the sky looks all wrong, and it's neither day nor night! But it's a big job to do all on their own.

To bring back daylight, they must think of creative solutions, seeking help from the local dolphins, monkeys, birds, and more. With the power of teamwork and imagination, can they find a way to return the sun to its rightful place, and set it ablaze once more?

This imaginative tale will enchant readers as Luna, Poppa, and their new friends of the sea, beach, and air rise to the challenge of fixing the sky once more and–literally–save the day.

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Editorial Services

I offer picture book critique services.

I love helping fellow aspiring writers to achieve their dreams.


I am an experienced picture book mentor and always aim to give constructive  encouragement and detailed feedback.

For further information, click here

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Illustration © Sara Ugolotti



Catch up on my blog here - find out about my writing journey, favourite books and other random stuff.
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Image by Ed Robertson
Image by Samuel Ramos
Fun Fact


Roald Dahl was my great uncle and a huge presence, inspiration and figure of general awesomeness in my early life. He taught me how to swim and how to see magic in ordinary things. He also dedicated The Twits to me, which was one of the MOST exciting things to happen to a 7-year-old bookworm ever!

school photo 1983003.jpg

Me (centre) aged 6 when Uncle Roald came to my school to do a book signing.


Me aged 10

This is a recording of me (age 10) interviewing my great uncle. He suggested I might like to do this and play it for my friends at school. We pretended it was a proper formal interview for a newspaper, so he called me Miss Pearl and I called him Mr Dahl. If you listen carefully you can hear our dog barking in the background!

Find out more about my memories of my great uncle here

Roald interview compressedInterview
00:00 / 05:08
Articles and Interviews



If you have any other questions or would just like to say hi, I'd love to hear from you!

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Thanks for contacting me!

Contact Me
For literary, film and animation rights, contact Sera Rivers at Speilburg Literary Management.

For publicity enquiries regarding Mending the Moon, contact Lauren Cepero at Page Street Kids Publishing.

For virtual school visits, contact me directly using the form below (I live in New Zealand so time differences may be an issue, but pre-recorded interviews are possible).
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