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I offer picture book critique services.

I am a picture book mentor for the WriteMentor Summer Programme,

a Write Team Mentorship Program mentor-in-residence. I also provide

critiques for many other programs and giveaways.

I always aim to give professional, constructive and positive feedback.

All prices are in USD and for stories <800 words

Quick pass

Brief but thorough overview of areas for improvement, some line edit suggestions. 

1 story           $30 

3 stories        $65

Full manuscript assessment and report

Detailed feedback and line edits, including an in-depth report covering narrative arc, structure, characterization, plot and pacing, themes, language and voice, comparison titles, etc.

1 story           $50 

3 stories        $120 

Pitch for Twitter pitch event

1: $10

3: $20

Query letter review  $20


Please contact me by email or using the contact form to book.

I am also open for other requirements - if your needs are not covered by the list above, just ask!

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"You're amazing! Your suggestions for plot, title, pitch, and other comments on the MS,  are all so insightful. I love them. You have given me so much to think about. Thank you so much! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me!"

Songju Daemicke, picture book author

"Writing and sharing is such a personal experience so I'm always so anxious to read/hear a critique.  I cried while I was reading your notes because it all resonated with me. You nailed it."

Amita Patel Snyder, WriteMentor Mentee, 2022

"Some editors have a knack for zooming out to see the big picture. Others are good at getting into the weeds with wording. Emma has a talent for both. She’ll help you grow your seedling stories into oaks, while planting poetic flowers along the way. Her feedback is always gracious, actionable, and easily digestible. She’s a bit like sunshine for your stories."
Stefanie Foster Brown, picture book author
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"Thank you so much for the thoughtful and insightful comments!  Honestly, I’m blown away by your level of detail....Your direction just felt like the 'lightbulb moment'
for me." 
Darla Christie, picture book writer
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"Emma is a wonderful mentor and editor. Thorough, encouraging, generous with her ideas and helpfully critical to really improve a text. In addition to going above and beyond, she looks out for her 'people' and sends helpful ideas or contacts when appropriate. Every writer needs an Emma by their side!"

Jo Benn, WriteMentor Mentee, 2021

"Emma gives FANTASTIC critiques! She's insightful and helpful and all around wonderful."

Jenna Johnson, children's author

"Thank you so much!  Your critique has been the most thorough and thoughtful one I've ever received... You've given me a lot to think about and I'm excited to start revising!"
Jan Milusich, children's author
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